Bounce high

Why I hate those interview red tape

It’s not how far you fall,

but how high you bounce that counts. – Zig ZiglarI

I’ve been looking for job recently, what irritate me usually is not because rejections, but journey of interview.  My performance can be 100% different according to situation – either rated as valuable or a loser.

Application Form, really ?

I’m bored and exhausted for those seemed never-ended, 4,5, 6+ pages long application forms.  Still don’t understand their purposes or wonder if it’s adequate for understanding a candidate.

Aren’t employers already knew background of applicant from their resumes before they were invited for interview? Why applicants should sit in conference room to rewrite everything from their CVs to tiny boxes on the form? Totally waste of time, papers and manpower.

Every time when I was presented a form for completion, can’t control myself but grumble inside then causally write down key points.  It’s disrespect and kind of stupid to treat a potential candidate as a student / kid doing copybooks.

Why my past salary is essential to your decision?

What’s the point for me to list out salary history? So if I earned $5,000 in past, then it’s the guideline for what I should ask for this new job? Can I adjust my expectation according to given status, such as working hours, my interests, prospect and happiness? It’s annoying when I sense interviewers’ facial expressions while calculating how much I worth.

I may ask for more because of job requirements, in reverse, may expect less if working hours are shorter.  What I ask is represent the present situation, what the heck my past salary history doing for.

Test, Test and Test …..

Tests are  acceptable at certain level, but seriously? some of them can take applicants’ hours to finish, e.g. write 1,000 words in English, then 1,000 words in Chinese + translate another 1,000 words article; after that, please go to another room to have computer and internet skills tests, then during interview, English, Chinese and Mandarin oral, plus listening skills tests….oops, don’t you remember there’s a 7 pages application form need to be filled before all these examinations?  It’s so exhausting!

Many times I found these so-called tests are not well-designed for testing out specific skills.  They simply want to make the process LOOK more professional.  It’s essential for many expertise to have tests during elimination, but for general administrative posts, really?

Skills and knowledge can always be equipped / learned once the staff join the company, however personality and attitude need years to be developed.  One who pass all these tests, even with remarkable results are not equivalent to their competence at work.  As long as character/attitude is on right track, why bother manual skills, e.g. typing speed, software skills.  Most of the job advertisements show a potential staff should be independent, mature, well-organised, able to handle pressure or even honest, etc.; which however all these tests are unable to target the needs.

Travel experience vs. working history stability?

Compare to many regular employees, I’m kind of travel quite a lot thus always being judged for not having a stable working history.  This can be a huge issue for many employers as they think my living style is unacceptable.  Our culture praise highly for those who follow rules.  Unlucky, I never fit well to many society norms.  The more I travel and meet new people, the more I realize there are many other ways of living.

To live an ordinary life or find a stable/well-paid job, own car, houses etc. is good for majority of people, but there also have other people who simply want to live their own designed lives, so they don’t care to climb up the ladder of the corporation.

Many employers don’t consider travel can bring invaluable wisdom/experience to an individual, which lead them manage any position with more initiative, creativity than regular candidate, which can make an unique / positive contribution to any company in certain way.  Instead, they rate me as immature, unrealistic or weird.

That’s why I feel so lonely at many working environments.  I respect everyone has his/her own choice of living, I respect people cherish safe and comfort zone life, but why don’t they also accept me to have my own desire/dream of living, without judging me “strange” or lazy?

Don’t be a douchebag/asshole

There were times I came across with so-called management level professionals, who can make a significant decision for my application.  They are so mean, rude and arrogant. I always believe how you treat others represents a lot about your inner self. Though my self-esteem dropped to bottom after meeting them, but at the end I feel glad for not stuck with these jerks in the office.

Final thoughts

Interview is an great opportunity for both parties to meet face to face.  It’s possible you like somebody on paper but feel uncomfortable to talk to in person.  It’s a myth we can get along with everyone and will be tough to spend most of our lives in same environment if can’t get along well with each other.

What’s personality/characteristic of this person? optimistic? open-minded? think-out-of the box or closed-minded? well-driven? At the same time, applicants can take this chance to learn more about the culture of the company and job requirements.

I would say these elements are much more important than individual manual skills and bureaucratic administration.

Photo : Unsplash – By Victor Erixon


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