Promise of Pencil

An Ordinary Person Create Extraordinary Change – Adam Braun

If you’re not satisfied with the path you’re on, it’s time to rewrite your future – Adam Braun

Because of my grow-up history, I buried myself into books since earlier age.  Books always fascinate me as it open my soul and eyes to the world.  Teach me what is right and wrong and guide me to a better self, unlearned everything that brought to me from my dysfunctional family.  Feel like I step into another safe world that can give me temporary peace, shut down from hurtful feelings / memories during reading.

I don’t know if it’s because of my background or not, I found myself can feel the pain of others very easily.  And always dream one day I will have my own charity thus have been involved in many charity works over the years, following several world-class charities that touch my hearts.  “Promise of Pencil” is one of them

Knew this NGO long time ago but never read the book until now.  Wow….it’s a terrific book and glad I finally settle down to finish it in few days.  I thought it’s another gimmick book that aim to sell the image of the organisation. But I was wrong!

The book is written by the founder Adam Braun, who is smart, young, humble, well-driven with full of potential to pursue a high pay career path.  But somehow he knew he wants purpose/meaning for life, instead of wealth.  This is the journey from how he got the idea and the journey towards the success of his charity of today.  He’s very honest and humble, which impressed me a lot, especially when he share his failure, struggles along the way. What mistakes he made and how to fit them.

I was so touched for several stories he shared from the book, especially the Indian boy, who inspired him at the first place to start the thought of this movement.  I can’t stop my tears because I knew how he feels at that scene.  I traveled several third-word countries and my heart always sink whenever I see the poverty and poor kids around the street.  I witness and understand the truth of unfairness, poverty around the world while we are, who live in well-developed countries never can imagine.  This book give me a lot of inspirations and wake my dream up again.

Those who are not into charity things, I would say this still a nice book and can be recommended to anyone who is into self-development.  Many of the chapters are well-written, I am a quick reader but spend a lot of time to read it slowly on purpose so I can digest every sentence, rethink and reflect on myself seriously, chapters for example :

Promise of Pencil book

Get out of your comfort zone

This is something I always try to remind myself.  I really feel every time when I throw myself out of the ordinary, it’s scary but somehow I get something new, something better.  But I still need to improve a lot in this aspect, by now, I only manage to put myself out of comfort zone 20-30% of my time.

Walk with a purpose

When I read this chapter, I kept asking myself what’s my purpose then? It’s so easy just act the same day by day, until one day I realize….oh no, 10 years past already? It feels like yesterday.  The older I get the more I feel time fly so fast and from to time when I look back, I would ask myself what did I do for the past year, 3 years, or even 5 years?  There’s a saying that one who live without purpose is like a dead fish.

Change your words to change your worth

I have self-worth issue and trying to build up my self-esteem continuously.  It’s tough especially when I have already absorbed all the negative name callings, humiliation, judgments from people who suppose give me love and care.  But I start to realize how we think or say about ourselves will affect how we react to the world.  Need more practice.

Surround yourself with those who make you better

Now I totally understand, though a bit late and scary to me.  Because of my low self-esteem, I always feel afraid to have connection with people I admire.  I feel I don’t deserve the attention and this lead me only manage to hang around with those who has lower moral standard / value than me, thought they won’t judge me the way I am.  But the truth is these are people who will give me hard time the most because of their own issues.

It’s still a very scary attempt for me, but in recent year, I start to realize how importance it is about the people surround me.  I am learning to be brave with confidence to have connection with those who are better than me.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough

I have many dreams but do scare me a lot, what if I don’t succeed, what if I end up put myself into big troubles? What if nobody help me? what if…..again, more to practice.

Final thoughts

I always admire people who has passion, gut, dream big and actually make it happen to change the world.  I learn a lot from his wisdom over chapters.

Anyone who want to learn more about this organization, well worth to visit their website “Pencil of promise“.


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