“Indian’s Daughter” – Sexual violence crime that make your hair stand

Controllers, Abusers don’t question themselves if problem is them.  They always say the problem is someone else.

– Darlene Ouimet

Probably because of my abusive background, which made me more sensitive to world-wide problems of poverty, humanity, child, sexual and domestic abuse etc.  A BBC documentary “Indian’s daughter” I just watched drive me to write this post.


December 2012, a medical student thought it’s nice to watch a movie (life of pi) to relax a bit with her friend.  It’s an innocent thought as she knew once her internship started, her life will become very busy.  She never knew the bus they took after movie (around 8pm) was a road to death.

They didn’t know 6 men in the bus were actually friends together.  Her male friend was beaten by these gangsters and forced under the bus seat, while the girl was dragged to the back seat and gang raped.  Not just rapped, the girl was beat and hurt brutally : they stuffed mental inside her private parts, bloods are everywhere and one of the guys put his hand down to take out parts of her intestines then threw it away out of the window.  They thought both of them were dead so dumped their bodies on the side road.  The night was still busy with crowds and lights, full of traffic.

This news shocked me and the world, especially during the time I just backpacked from India.  I love India but it’s always sad to hear this kind of tragic, especially as a female solo-traveler, safety is always my concern on the road.  I didn’t follow the case closely until this follow-up documentary finally released after 2 years, which is banned in India but manage to be screened in many countries.

I found many points can be discussed and explore from this serious crime :


India, as like as other third world country, poverty is still a big issue.  According to interviews throughout documentary, those gangsters came from very poor family.  They struggled for living for years  the youngest offender left home since 11 years old because he needs to find a way to feed his family.

Don’t mean to say it’s forgivable to do whatever you want when you’re poor, as I believe we are humans so we should have intuitive ability to know what’s right or wrong. But it’s necessary to limit the gap between rich and poor.  It never a good sign for any country if it’s citizen can’t survive with dignity, once a person lose hope, he / she can take any risks without considering consequences.

Sexual equality

Nowadays in many countries, the equality of men and women are still unequal.  I can imagine challenges for women to live in any traditional / conservative cultures.  Similar to my situation, my father don’t respect female, he thought we are only slaves to his own desires.  He doesn’t care my education, career, whether I have friends and marriage or not, as it all will affect his privileges.

One of the gangsters mentioned “girls and boys are unequal, they supposed stay in house to do house work, not going out with male friend for fun at night”.  He claimed that they raped her because they wanted them to learn a lesson for not acting like a woman.

Such perceptions not only coming from the mouth of uneducated person, when they interviewed the lawyer who defended the convicted guys, he said he will punish his female relatives / daughters / wives etc. if they do similar things in his villages. OMG!

My father will agree with them, I was blamed, name-calling and humiliated as “rubbish”, “useless”, etc. simply because I am reading, studying or have my social life outside of non-stopped housework.

And according to their researches, 1 girl is raped every 20 minutes in India.  Over the years, many female babies were killed because girls are not cherished as much as boys in the society.  It make a huge difference between numbers of girls and boys nowadays and I knew many males can’t find a wife, especially if you are poor.

Prohibition / discouragement of sexual attraction (e.g. girls are not allowed to show legs, show affection in public, etc.), which in my own perspective is violating human nature, the more you suppress the more impulse will explode.  This combing to the unbalance numbers of girls and boys only make sexual desires go further into crisis, sexual violence, human trafficking, child prostitution.


This crime though brought changes / revolution in laws and police handling procedures.  But I doubt if it can actually change a lot when people mindset are unchanged.  Sex and social status discrimination are still a taboo in this country, male dominate the family and society and women were treated as “object” and disrespect.

And there still have richer / lucky people who stay on top take advantage of the weakness / lack of opportunities from poorest.  One of the convicted person talked about the crime :  “She should not fight back during raped, she need to be quiet, if she’s quiet, we will dropped her off after the rape.”.

See? This is why it’s so important to educate boys since young, to believe that female also a human being so deserve to be treated with respect as like as men.

Blame the victim

More shocking comments from the convicted person :

1)  “Girl should responsible for the rape because they should not go out at 9:00pm”.

2) “We should not be punished, there were more serious crime before us, I knew there were cases that rapist took out the girl’s eyes, or put acid to her face after rape, if they don’t get punished, why us?”.

3) “From now on, it’s DANGEROUS for girls, because rapists will kill the girl after rape, before now, they will let the girl go”, , implied that society made the wrong decision for justice.

Remembered there’s a slogan from the protests that written “Don’t teach us to wear proper clothes, teach your son not to rape”.  That’s true!  Those gangsters looked very normal, simply like your next neighbors, I don’t understand what made these guys have these evil thoughts.  Victim’s dad visited the prisoners, he later disclosed that they showed no remorse, very calm when explaining what they did.  Not surprise to see gangsters’ families supported them and blame for justice.

This indicated it’s not a personal or individual case, but should be a big big concern for the whole society, or even the whole country.

Final thoughts

This is a very serious violence crime, I hate to see such kind of news as it always make me question a lot about the world. Why human can become such an evil and what we can do to eliminate, stop the tragedy? I heard they were lied naked on the road, surrounded by 30-50 people but nobody helped for more than an hour.  Where’s the human nature?

Photo credit : Pixabay – SplitShire


4 thoughts on ““Indian’s Daughter” – Sexual violence crime that make your hair stand”

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. The statistic–a girl is raped every 20 minutes–is quite alarming. I’m not sure what we can do to it circumvent evil in the world today, but I believe social awareness can help prevent this type of abuse. Most abuses are perpetuated in the dark. You shining your light on this type of evil by writing this post is much needed for the victims.

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  2. I often ask that same question you ask yourself? ‘What has happened to human nature?’ It seems to so often be sliding right into the pits of hell. Your post is passionately and poignantly written…it will affect any and all who read it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment, I care a lot about humanity, poverty and abuse issues, etc. I do believe human originally are nice, but somehow, somewhere and sometimes….somethings goes wrong, which is always sad to hear this kind of news.

      Liked by 1 person

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