5 Social Experiments that make you rethink humunity

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone

– Ronald Reagan



I love social experiments – they disclose how human react in real life situations brutally and honestly.   I bumped into few recently and would like to share with you.


All these social experiments are not just for fun or killing times but hopefully stimulate deep thoughts about our life, core values and make self-examination on humanity.  Please don’t forget to share your thoughts with me after watching.


Remember a saying : If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody.



800,000 children gone missing each year


Pedophiles / kidnappers not always look like the bad guy, and people can act differently to the dress code of pedophiles.



The Public Rape experiment (True life story)


A true life story share by a woman who was raped in public toilet but without any help even though she screamed.




Girl raped in Public

Another thoughtful experiment, if you think people afraid of offering help without supports with others, how about if the rape is happening in a more public / open area?  What do you think people will react this time?




Freezing Homeless Child

It brings tears to my eyes.  Not only the kid but also the helper.  Once again remind us don’t judge people by what they wear outside but hearts within.




 3.6 million+ Child Abuse cases every year


Do you think races will affect how people react to child abuse?  We chose people to help, not because we are all human.




Final thoughts


I was touched and felt bad while watching.  Don’t mean to put blames on anyone as I can understand how busy, stressful of our daily life.  But these social experiments remind myself I should pay more attention to my surroundings, offer helping hands when there’s a need.


We never know a small gesture / smile / reaction we take or make, it might doesn’t bother us but may lift someone life up, or save them from hell at that critical moment.


We never expect to help all people in the world, we are not superman but one people at a time.




Photo credit :  Pixabay – Bessi


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