Travel brings wisdom to life

Travel is more than sightseeing,

it’s a deep and permanent ongoing change in the ideas of living.

– Miriam Beard

My blog seems always address topics that a bit heavy / tense to digest.  It’s not only for myself learning how to be honest and open to my emotions / feelings, but also an open platform to share my thoughts on many taboos that society afraid or not willing to talk about.

But this time I would like to change the tone into more relax, sharing one of the hobbies I love – travel.  I do have happy / energetic moments along rough healing journey.

How it begins

At the beginning, travel is kind of like a survival channel for me to escape from dramas / frustrations that originated in my dysfunctional family system.  I was so confused, foggy and helpless for things going on in the abusive / toxic environment. Though I didn’t know much about my situation at that early age, but deep down I realized something wrong happened to me.

In order to get rid of those disappointed / depressed time, I not only buried myself into books, but also need to run away from the out-of-my control environment from time to time in easing my emotions.  I just need space for my own that is safe and peaceful.

Then travel is no longer a simple escape, this gives me opportunity to act as another new person, I can think, feel, plan and react according to my desire, without caring much about others’ BS / non-sense.

The world broaden my spirit & mind

The more I see the world, the smaller I feel myself.  I gain greater perspectives about problems / difficulties or miserable life events that I deal with.  Acknowledge how big the world is and visiting magnificent scenic spots not only amazed me, but in fact help me to step backwards re-evaluating my life / goal / dreams.

This give me breathing space to allow ideas sink in while my heart and mind getting wider.

Education outside books & classroom

I love books and read a lot.  But no matter how many books I read or lectures I attended, it can never compare to real life learning.

During travels, I had chances to meet numerous real people every day – from all walks of life with diverse cultural background, knowledge and wisdom.   My mind / eyes are opened widely or sometimes change tremendously after bombarded with different / new ways of thinking / living around the globe.

I feel myself no longer the same person every time when I back from journey.   The way I see the world is just very different from where I left.

I can never be humble enough if not having opportunities to approach different perspectives since I born and live in a very small and conservative place.

There’s no doubt for others to find me kind of “weird” because I always do things differently from the surroundings.  I was judged / humiliated / misapprehend for not behaving as “usual” from time to time and this make me feel lonely as I can’t find similar-minded people in my immediate living environment.  I don’t have people to share my dreams / ideas but learn to shut up in avoiding potential arguments / criticism.

I know the price need to pay but I don’t want to give up travel or any opportunity for me to grow, in order to fit in what majority of people expect me to do or how to live my life.

I chose a path that align to my value and purpose, even though it can be lonely without much supports / encouragements.

Confidence growth

Hundred of things are unpredictable and can go wrong as a solo female backpacker, e.g. transportation, accommodation, itinerary, mishaps or accidents etc.

Very often, I must make quick and safe decision within short period of time.  Everyday, I need to pick from different choices wisely or within budget.   This bus or that bus? This hostel or that hostel? Is it dangerous / happy / cheaper to travel with this fellow traveler? To fulfill numerous targets, I must keep on questioning everything, negotiate and co-operate with tons of people and deal with various situations.

End up, all my organizing, time management, communication and negotiating skills etc. are sharping and improving continuously.  Inevitably, there are times I got stuck and just wandering around without concrete solution; crying and exhausted in the corner of train station or street for the mistakes I made.

It’s tough during those mishap moment, but whenever I look back I view these as incredible learning experiences which enhance my self-confidence, self-esteem, whether I solve the problem or not,  these in return benefit to my other life challenges at work, relationships or whatsoever.

Less jumpy on small stuffs

Whenever I meet short-tempered people, feeling annoyed, impatient or panic on small stuffs – I’m confused.   Many of my ex-bosses (female) are these types, I witnessed many of these so-called professionals / well-known public figures, no matter high much money they earned, or how high their social status were.  It’s astonished to see them jump around like kids, yell like uncivilized people at public or simply humiliated / bullied surrounding people.

Once my ex-boss’s face turn red and blow up like an “octopus”, scream like attacked by shark in public simply because I didn’t bring her a plastic bag for documents (documents already put inside a paper envelope).  I was shocked and speechless at that moment, not because of my emotions of feeling bad, but surprised to see why a person will be so over-reacting for such a small thing.

Travel teach me to stay calm, with clear mind especially during tough times or when things went wrong.  And I learned to relax, stay open for anythings that not following my initial plan / expectation.  The more I react with humble, sincere, optimistic and curious attitude, the more I find people willing to help.  I can’t just throw my temper or lose control so easily in a completely new environment, unless I want to be murdered or had a heart attack in overseas.

Closing thoughts

Not saying that everyone must travel in order to grow or earn happiness.  But the hidden message I try to tag here – when anyone who suffering from non-stopped drama / frustration / chaos in daily life which we hardly can control.  It may be nice to detach ourselves from the dilemma for a while, to rectify our thoughts and emotions before back to the track.

At least it’s better than picking up other coping skills, e.g. alcohol, drugs or hide turmoils internally.  This can make the situation more worse for healing journey.  At certain level, travel do save my life.

How about you? Do you like travel? It’s alright if not, so what other hobbies you have passion on?

Photo credit : Pixabay – 4draino


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