BuckUp #1 – Top Lies Guys & Gals tell

Humor can soften worst blows life delivers, & once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.

– Bill Cosby

I love humor, jokes and comedies and admire people who can put these in a right way.   Humor is a skillful art which needs lots of observation, insights, presentation skills and wisdom, seeking difference from daily life and re-create in a funny way.

Don’t like those co-called jokes / comedy that use humiliation, verbal abuse, dirty stories etc. in earning audience’ laughs and attention (although I still laugh from these but deep down I don’t appreciate much).  I’m more proud of those who can keep jokes clean, classy while making people laughing because it require even more technique than simply insulting others.

Try to start a new series of “BuckUp” because I want to share positive resources found online or whatever to my readers. Healing journey is long and rocky so it’s necessary to empower ourselves with others’ wisdom / knowledge / skills.

You’re always welcome to share any resources that benefit to your life, make you become a better version of yourself.

Top 100 female lies

Kept smiling while watching, interested to see how a guy caught gals’ lies in a humors way.  Caught similar phrases from fellow female friends/acquaintances occasionally so it’s funny to re-cap via the video.   Girls, no need to get angry or feel offence.

Video Source : scootermagruder

Top 100 Men Lies

OK! If you don’t feel comfortable watching those gals’ lies, to revenge is to watch another funny video to learn about men lies.  Again, simply treat these as informal guidelines to understand men.  Another funny catch.

Things Girls don’t understand

This video is compliment to above video of “100 lies women tell”.  This remind me that men and women are from different world.  To understand their “wisdom” sure may help female shorten the distance and have a better communication with them.

Not about that Life series

A series that I found very interesting too.  Topics here and there jumping around, but this guy is very good at observing other’s behaviors, small stuffs happened in daily life.  Surprised to discover there are so many things that we never pay attention as we auto-pilot, until he listed them out then make me re-think and laugh.

How Indian Girls manipulate guys

Not created by the same guy, but bumped to my attention accidentally while searching around the web.  So funny to watch as they pinpointed men and women attitudes towards intimacy in humor.   Not only for indian but girls around the world.

Video source : Your india bro

Closing thoughts

Not saying that these guys’ sharing are 100% truth, stereotypes do exists.  But if you need some good laughs or humor in life at the moment, sure these help as long as you don’t take it too personally.  Just for fun.

Anyone or those who are struggling in life challenges, it’s necessary to put down problems, take a break from time to time. Whenever things get tough or I don’t know how to handle at that moment, I’ll indulge in comedies to pull myself out of the sight for a while.  It might not a good coping skills but at least it gives me some time to breath, digest and re-collect my own thoughts before I step back to the stage.

How about you? Do you enjoy humor? Do you think sense of humor is important to life?

Photo credit : Pixabay – Bessi


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