How to attract a great guy

BuckUp # 2 : How to attract a Great Guy

You attract what you put out there.

Same as many abused survivors, we never learn a healthy way to communicate.  What I found many survivors have difficulties to establish a healthy relationship with others, either getting too needy, insecure, co-dependent or become very defense, avoidance, build a huge wall surround themselves from hurts / harms, at the cost of ruining potential friendships or other relationships.

I’m one of them so always look for resources to learn from others’ perspectives / insights.  It’s not necessary always the famous speakers, sometimes I’m more related to those who share their wisdom based on their own personal experiences.  I feel it’s more real and persuasive than those who simply sharing their thoughts like a speech, without real experience.

Video Source credit : Joe Amoia

How to attract a great guy

Many people were in relationships but unhappy.  They may sell short to settle for someone who’s not that great, but simply because they are lonely and need someone around.  We got to learn how to attract the right one.

Is it OK for a guy to look at other woman?

This is a tricky one for many women and universal problem I guess.  You may feel more relax when your men look at other corner in future after watching this video.

Is jealous ruining your Love Life?

I’m jealous and don’t think I can get rid of this completely.  But comparing to some other women, I’m still in “under-control” mode.  Jealous is actually a reflection of how you see yourself.    Today I understand when I jealous someone, it’s not because they are better, greater or whatsoever, but it represents what’s lack in me and I want to own the same thing.

3 things which drive men away

There should have more but this video make it simple to list only 3.  See if you hit one of them?

How to communicate to a guy in a healthy way?

Even myself, as a woman, I found annoyed and irritated by some of behaviors / words women expressed sometimes. Some may act like “mothers” – nagging, complaining and guiding / teaching their men constantly.  Others may act like “princesses” always need to be loved, glorified, look after.  Both types are very exhausted to be around if I’m a guy.

Closing thoughts

We learned history, art or English etc. from school, but no official school for us to learn how to love / establish relationship. Unfortunately, I found many unhappiness / frustrations are originally from individual’s mindset.

Always amazed by how much time, effort and money people spent on learning how to equip certain technique / skills for their work, investments, but don’t care as much as love, relationship issues.  Money / success / fame can never compare to the level of true happiness that a harmony relationships bring us.

How you handle the situations for above ?

Photo credit :  Pixabay –  macadam13


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