Quote of the day # 4 - Blood related vs. loyalty

Quote of the day # 4 : Blood related vs. Loyalty

Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family.

This may explain why many adopted kids trust their foster parents more, rather than biological family.

Do you think blood related relationship wins all?

Photo credit : Pixabay – fancycrave1


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day # 4 : Blood related vs. Loyalty”

    1. I completely agree with you! Blood-related doesn’t win all! There are too many things at play, when you try and compare blood-related families and adopted families. We’re adoptive parents to twin boys, who have multiple disabilities and were born in Ukraine and we love them just as much as we would love a birth child! There are many challenging days and being adoptive parents that birth-related families don’t have to deal with, but we have become stronger because of these challenges. It has more to do with the people involved, than it does with whether they’re blood-related or adopted. Great Post!

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      1. Thanks for your comments. Reason why I create this quote because there are many people have mis-concepts that biological family is the best or always good to their child. But the truth is there are families that do lots of harm to their child.

        I proud of your family who adopt kids who need love and you guys just jump in at the right moments. What I like the most are what you are sharing about you love them like your birth child. Not too many people have such a great heart, but you have, so bravo to you!


      2. Yes. The word that comes to mind is loyalty. “The old adage that blood is thicker than water” is simply not true. People outside of my family have always treated me better than the people within my “family.”

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