Regrets you don't want to take to grave

Regrets you don’t want to take to your grave

We don’t grow when things easy, we grow when we face challenges

I admire people and any inspirational messages that with great wisdom.  It absolutely can motivate me to be a better version of myself continuously.  Especially in this critical time gap after resigned from my toxic / abusive work environment, I feel extremely important to put myself in positive mode, otherwise I will be very easily indulged in self-loathing, or other self-destructive behaviors that I used to whenever things get overwhelmed.

Watched / downloaded many motivational videos recently and try to watch 1-2 daily, aim to set myself in good spirits manner.  Many negative things eat up my life lately, especially my career path doesn’t go very well so far, plus immediate environment is filled with people who constantly dragging me down, naysayers, complainers or toxic / negative people are not doing any good to me during this fragile period.

2 amazing videos bring out some of my introspection, hope if anyone who is also going through struggles will get some insights from wisdom there within (share with others who you think they need some optimism if you are happy / content with your life) :

Change Everything

We all have dreams and passion but most people never live up to that.  We were brainstormed by our own inner voice -persuading us that we don’t have any gifts, talent like other successful people, we are just not good enough.

But in fact everyone have their own pains and struggles.  It’s not about what happened to you, but how you respond to them; you can’t chose the environment or what happened to you but it’s all up to you to change it.

Thus, please let go of the victim mentality, don’t make any excuses but make full responsibilities of your life.

I do have my own passions / dream but alike many people, I have lots of self-doubts about my capabilities.  I was very depressed about my abusive history, feeling unloved and not worthy and gave up my life.  This until more knowledge I grab about my situation, I started to wake up but sadly realize how much time I’ve lost in cried on spilling milk.

Please don’t follow my track, get real for your own life, move on – because YOU HAVE POWER!


People keep on convincing you that you can’t make it, you’re overthinking, or what you’re doing doesn’t have any value so you should give up your dream.

But when you look around, majority of people try to seek for security, not go beyond their comfort zone, day after day eventually take all their potentials, talents and dreams to grave.

You better keep asking yourself :

– Are you living your life on your own terms?

– How much time do you have left?

– How much time do you want to waste in waiting for the right moment, right people and right environment?

In the past, I don’t care much about my environment or people surround me, it’s probably primary due to my low self-worth / self-esteem / confidence. I don’t feel deserved to have good people be my friends.   Afraid to reach out people I admire or whose life is better than me.  In contrast, I welcome manipulative, abusive, naysayers or toxic people to my cycle guess subconsciously I feel it’s more adequate / align to my level.  This is what I deserve.

No doubt found myself feeling lonely, annoyed or upset most of the time though surround by so-called friends.   I don’t believe I have the power to chose for my life.  As I become more mature and wisely, learn to set up health boundary and more picky on friends and opportunities.

No longer just pick up whatever / whoever come to me, but whenever I sense something wrong, e.g. harm to my well-being, I’m more willing to “let go”, and more comfortable and caring less what other people think / judge my perspective and behaviors.  Life just too short to live on other people’s terms.

Same to you, change your life if you don’t like your status now.  And please don’t give up on yourself, throw towel so quickly. Try to develop the habit you need, push yourself to the limit.

Because as video’s stated : YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF!

Final thoughts

Today, I don’t wait until I’m perfect or absolute success like many famous bloggers to share, instead, would like to share my struggles, ups and downs so people can learn and move faster from my mistakes, eventually all you can grow and become a stronger version of yourself!

So what’s your life means to you? What is your purpose?  Do you have anything you hungry for?

Photo credit : Challenge


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