How to deal with toxic and difficult people

BuckUp # 4 : How to deal with Toxic & Difficult people

Some people like clouds, when they disappear the day is brighter.

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Kind of skeptical at the beginning, video settings and presenter not quite impressed me, in fact, a bit scare.  Don’t know why as it’s just personal feeling.  However, I push myself to step out of comfort zone, not being too judgmental as according to view counts, looks like he has something to say that benefit to audiences.

Surprised because people commonly create 2-5 minutes short videos but he absolutely ambitious beyond standard. Many of videos are well-worth to watch as they’re so intense / serious, make sense, combine with psychological theories.   Value of videos are similar to hundred dollars we usually pay in one-to-one course in the market.

How to deal with difficult and toxic people

The more I educated myself about toxic relationship, the more I realized there are actually many difficult / toxic people around us, e.g. narcissist, chronic downer, critic, etc. all can drag us down constantly or harm to our self-growth.  Unfortunately we can’t stay away from them always (family members, colleagues / bosses, etc.).  Learn how to deal with them is a life-long wisdom.  Or in reverse, learning how NOT-to-be a toxic people, so we can attract more positive people to our lives. “Like attract alike”.

How To Create Your Dream Career

I don’t know, are there anyone still have a dream career nowadays? I found many people drag themselves to work daily, unhappy, exhausted, back home to sleep, then another day, year…till end of life.  Many people I came across hate their jobs.  Me too.  Hope you are not one of them.

How To Stop Being Jealous

This is a good one. He loves to approach many topics based on psychology.  Jealous is not really related to another person, but our own-selves so many inner works need to be done.  I witness many people (sorry, mostly female) gossip, complain, bully, nag on their targets at work.  Most of the time, in my opinion targets didn’t do anything wrong (or do nothing actually), they were punished simply because abusers jealous of their beauty, talent, boyfriends’ status or whatsoever.

How To Stop Caring What People Think Of You

Living in society, inevitably we need to take some considerations of others’ comments / feelings.  But if we are Too concern what others think all the time, we can never live our lives according to own wishes / desires if only following the trend.

Low Self Esteem In Women

Self-esteem is a very important element for individual’s success in life / relationship / career.

How To Love Yourself

We can’t expect others love / care us until we love ourselves.

Closing thoughts

There’s no one-end solution for any problem.  Listen different perspectives from different angles can wider and open our eyes to tackle our weakness.

So have you ever deal with toxic people? Are you caring how others see you? Do you think you love yourself enough?

Photo credit :  Pixabay – Unsplash


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