Quote of the day # 7 - How you treat people

Quote of the day # 7 – How you treat people

No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you are,

how you treat people tells all.

Don’t you agree?

Image credit :Pixabay – Foundry


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day # 7 – How you treat people”

  1. I totally agree!!! Sometimes the less educated, poorer of folk are more genuine. They just don’t have as much to risk losing (maybe?).

    And then there are some wealthy people who are so genuine you would never know them to be wealthy at all.

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      1. I truly believe we need to consciously choose not only who we are, but who we connect with. It has taken a lifetime of reflection and consideration, but I can honestly say that every single one of our friends treats all those they meet with respect and love (even if they must walk away). We get that we are all connected and how we treat one of us will ultimately influence all of us. Thank you for this thought and reflection! J

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