BuckUp # 6 - What matters in life

BuckUp # 6 : What matters most in life?

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Bumped into this video channel by accident.  At first, I thought topics are too serious but was amazed by it’s presentation.  It’s funny to watch animated cartoons as they try to present serious topics with a humor / funny / cutie approach.  This make audience easy to understand and not get bored while watching.

Video Sources : Prager University

What matters most in life?

Everyone is so busy.  I worked with so many professionals / successful business people but what I commonly found from their lives : they are not happy at all.  This always scare me and remind myself that I never want to have the same life.

What really that matters in life? money? fame? success? Many people spent whole life chasing something that not really matter to them, until one day they realized “oh, life is finished”.   Sadly people keep doing same thing over and over again because they don’t know how or afraid to change even when they notice this is not what they want for life.

Understanding Men and Women : why they see things differently

No secret that men and women are thinking differently.  But what surprised me is there still lots of people projecting their frame of thinking to other sex.  Many conflicts I observed from couples / lovers are originated from their inability of using a different sex-perspective in communicating with another half.

He wants you

Title is not well to explain the video, but this one is actually quite funny.  It explores how to deal with your lover / couple watching another women in public / beach.  Demonstration is funny and after watching this video, many women should be relieved, feel much better or no longer afraid when next time their men stare at other women.

The missing tile symptom

Many people tend to spot on missing elements in life, i.e. negative.  Some people just drive me crazy as they never stop to find mistakes / faults / flaws on things / people in daily life.  They nag and complain every time open mouths which make them look very ugly. (even if they put on lots of make up or dress nicely).

Not saying I’m completely positive, but I still can distinguish people who are just “emotion vampire”, drain you down and eat up all your energy.  This video teach us how to view things differently.

Happiness Equation

How to be happy? This is a never-ended discussed topic.  See if this equation help you to be more happy.

Change your life

If you are not happy with your current status, learn from video to change it.

So, what matters most in your life?

Are you jealous or feel uncomfortable when your men watching another women?

Are you always focus at bad side when things happen?

Image credit : Pixabay – Unsplash


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