5 signs you're entrepreneur

3 Signs that you are Entrepreneur


The True Entrepreneur is a Doer, not a Dreamer – Nolan Bushnell



Well…I know it’s kind of weird to write blogs about business / entrepreneur here.  I have been thinking about to separate this series in a different blog, but eventually would like to make it happen it.


Because I want people get to know me as a whole person, there are ups and downs, abusive background but at the same time I would like to make my life become better, no matter what happened to me in the past and the challenges I am having from time to time, due to the self-limiting beliefs and other self-sabotage habits that I gained / learned since young.


Start a 100 Day challenge of Start-up Entrepreneur for myself, would like to jot down my whole start-up journey.  This make me stay alive and alert about the process.



For long, I have never think about to be my own boss, but the longer I work the stronger feeling I have….I might the type of person who is “unemployable”.



Sign 1 : You are Independent


I am very independent.  Guess it’s because the abusive / dysfunctional family background, this make me learn to survive by my own since early age.  I learned to take care of myself without much support from family members.  This is one of the reason I pick up reading since young because there are so many things that I don’t know and how to manage.


No joking, I even went to library to grab all the well-known / famous books relating to parenting and how to raise a successful / confident kids etc.  I dived into the books not only because this is one of the ways I can shut myself down, stay away from troubles, but also I was hungry to learn how to become a better person even though I didn’t have a supportive/normal parents.


This independence make many bosses found challenges to work with me.   Those who are open-minded and flexible are fine with me, but whenever I worked with bosses who are close-minded, fixed, control and micro-management etc.  They just hate me and put me in great troubles.



Sign 2 – You are Rebellious


No doubt I’m having troubles to trust and have close relationship with others.  But I am not naive, over the years, I worked with many smart persons and explore the world quite a bit, books / podcasts / seminars etc. do change my perspectives greatly from time to time.


When I was young, I rely on family and parents, but I think deep down I’m a rebellious person, hate to follow orders or conform to BS / non-sense, especially if I found it’s not align with my beliefs or understandings.


I challenge authorities continuously.  This again make those who are manipulated or know-it-all personalities go crazy when they found that I don’t buy their BS.



Sign 3 – You are evolving continuously


If you are the type of person who feel extremely comfortable to stay in the comfort zone. Then you will doing fine at many of the jobs.  But if you are like me, always hungry to learn and discover more, strive to become better day by day.  Then sooner or later, you will feel boring and lack of fulfillment at work.


Unless you are working at creative industry, which require changes frequently, otherwise majority of business / industry may drag you down after you service a period of time.


Because of your drive / motivation to grow, you are no longer as the same person you were when the 1st day you join the company.  You keep on evolving and when the company / position stay at the same dynamic.  This will drive you nuts.  You no longer feel exciting to go to work every day because you found yourself keep on repeating the same old thing day by day.



Sum Up


I’m not saying that it’s bad to work with others, but I do eventually discover that there are certain types of people just “unemployable”.  They are doing terrible to report to others but doing great when they manage their lives and be their own boss.


If you are happy with what you are doing now.  Good for you!  But if you found 3 above-mentioned symptoms, you may better sit down and have a honest check for yourselves.


I learned it a tough way, many conflicts and unhappiness at work, job-hopping from time to time, there were times I blame myself for being not tolerant with the situation like others, what’s wrong with me? But now I start to realize it’s not the job / situation, but probably because of my own characters.


It’s probably happen to many other abuse survivor, we have many self-doubts for ourselves, we don’t believe we can actually make things happen.  So many of us choose to follow the norm and accept all the chaos throw to us.  Until one day, we finally feel…this is it, enough is enough.  Time to take charge of our own lives.




Photo credit : Pixabay








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