You spend all your energies to build others dream

You spend all your energies to build others’ dreams?


Life is Short!  Many people know it but seldom we conscious of how we spend every minute of our lives.


I regret totally!


As a hard working, diligent employee.  Sadly to mention after worked my ass off for 8 months+ at my last job, the thought of “wasting my life” came to my mind often in recent days.


This is the life of employment.  No matter how hard we work, we are using all our energies / lives / wisdom to help someone to build his / her wealth / kingdom / lives and dreams.  It never is my own assets / pride.


Now I finally realize it’s suck to have a feeling that I owe nothing after years of employment.  Of course I did earn lots of experiences / skills and enough money to survive, but is it what I want for my lives?


Sum Up


If you are contented with what you are doing now at work.  It’s wonderful!  But if you back home every night after a long tired work day, feeling empty inside and wondering if this is the life you want….well, you better take a serious reality check for yourself.


Life is short.  Yesterday watched a nice youtube video How to make more than a harvard MBA – the happiness equation by Neil Pasricha, totally agreed the philosophy : many people happy for what they earn according to monthly pay-check, but when we count it according to hourly rate, many of us are actually underpaid.  There are many hidden overtime / afterwork follow ups.


Many of my ex-colleagues / ex-bosses shocked when they found I’m not willing to work overtime.  I was judged as lazy or not devoted.  It’s very weird and out of the norm especially my culture is always appreciate those who put work at first life priority.


It’s difficult for me to explain my understanding of paycheck.  I care and respect my expertise / skills / experience, so never want to do any work for free or extremely underpaid.  Sorry.


So are you building other people’s dreams?



Photo credit : Pixabay




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