Entrepreneur make every minute counts

Entrepreneur make every minute counts



You can always make more money, but cannot make more time.



When I was an employee, be honest I did wander here and there, bits by bits of time during work, chit chat, wandering around, not serious as I basically a hardworking and devoted staff.  But simply feel it’s the time of my company / employer and I didn’t owe it. So if I’m not doing something valuable to the company, well….it’s their lost.


But since I start my “be my own boss” journey.  I never ever be so conscious of my time like in the past.  Because now it’s actually my time.  If I waste it on something useless, e.g. day dream, watching TV,at the same time I lost the time to build up my business or developing myself.


When I was employed, I felt tired after or even in the middle at work, but now I am building something for my own, though still feel tired but I’m more willing to suffer, squeeze every minute to make the most of my limited time everyday.  Though I’m still exhausted every night but deep down I’m fulfilled because now I own everything : time, ideas, results.



Sum Up


Not only for entrepreneur, but everybody, the older we are – the more alert we have about time.


My situation is much complicated, also as a abused survivor, my childhood was stolen, filled with foggy / sad memories.  After that, it took me years to figure out what’s happened and heal the wounds.  Sometimes, I’m frustrated for all those unconscious years I lost and trapped.  Wish I can wake up much earlier to earn my life back.


Invest your time wisely!  Don’t waste your precious life on something that not meaningful to you, or not align with your core value.


I know it’s easier said than done.  But try not to care what others think about you,simply take back the control of your life.


Try your best to use your time that can benefit to your own good.  Life is short. Every minute counts. You can never take back the minute that just pasted.



Photo credit : Pixabay


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