Freedom is Gold nuggets for Entrepreneur

Freedom – Gold nuggets for entrepreneur


I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery – Thomas Jefferson



My Facebook account is extremely secret and highly personal.  But “you may know this person” notification caught my attention yesterday – a workaholic / devoted top executive who earned lots of money at a well-known international corporate.


Not a stalker, but my curiosity lead me to browse their timeline quickly…..They look different, especially the one who’s used to serious about his career, now he is brave enough to quit his high-pay & professional job, no need to care about hair dying so look a bit old (all white hair) than I met him 3 years ago.


What made him so different? I asked myself…..Oh, yeah….he looked happier, funnier and relax, can see the youth rise up from his spirit, he seems so happy, free and having great fun while travelling around the world now.  Though we no longer kept contact for long but I’m so honestly happy to see his happiness from photos / messages he share.



Freedom is stem from heart, not physically



It’s 5am now and I’m writing this blog.   Wow…it’s been 10 months+ since the last time I posted.  Time fly SO FAST!  I was exhausted and tied up with stress / tasks to follow up…. this and that from work and life.


Almost a week since I quit – mentally so FREE.  In the past, of course even had career break from time to time, now I acknowledge it’s might be an excuse for me to escape from “being stuck”.  Deep down I knew sooner or later I would back to work market.


Now, the feeling is very different.  I’m also very busy to plan / learn and organize like working at office from early morning to late night.


I no longer feel motivated to stuck at work cubicle, even though I knew there will have no problems for me to work at such a non-fulfilling position forever.


Recent year, I kept on asking myself : is it what I really want? what if I step out my comfort zone? what’s the worst scenario?


Sum Up


When I looked at my ex-boss, kept on asking myself : am I willing to become that person or having the same life like her? Answer : No.  What if tomorrow or in 3 months I will die, is it the life I want to end? Answer : No.



How about you? Have you ever X-Ray your life having now? Is it what you hungry for? Are you happy with what you have right now? Touch wood if you know you only have 3 months left, are you willing to do something different?




Photo credit : Pixabay – Stevebidmead


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