Psychology # 5 – Narcissism


The more I educated myself, the more I realized I actually attract many narcissists into my life.  Guess it’s because I used to have a very low self-esteem and no ideas about healthy boundaries.


Hope many people will understand this personality disorder as early as possible.  It took me years to figure things out and start my healing journey.


How about you? Have you ever meet someone consist of this character?  How do you deal with them?

7 thoughts on “Psychology # 5 – Narcissism”

  1. I just read that description and it describes my husband to a T! Like word for word. I have always been in relationships with “weaker than me” individuals so for me this is new territory and after 8 years I think I am finally realizing that I need to cut the tie he has on me. That I need to find what makes me happy instead of constantly feeling like I need to make him happy. Glad I found your site.

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    1. Thanks your comments PeggyB. I believe we need to care people but there’s also a healthy boundary. If we reach the point that helping that person become a burden or harm to our soul, then it’s time to let go. it’s not easy and hard to do it tough

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