Quote of the day # 12 - Strength

Quote of the day # 12 : Strength

I measure myself in strength,

not pounds, sometimes in smiles

– Laurie Halse Anderson


From time to time, I’m frustrated at how much time / money people spend in fixing their outer appearance.  People are so afraid to be judged according to their physical attribution.


I have no problem to see if someone who cares the look and dress nice, but simply because these make them feel worthy and a sign of self-love, not because assume once they change this and that, people will love or respect them more.


It’s not, I’ve met so many so-called gorgeous / beautiful people, but you just can’t get along with them after you know their characters / personalities.  You just don’t want to spend 5 minutes more with them because their energy just drag you down.


I strongly feel inner beauty is the most incompatible quality that make you attract others.


So, How do you define yourself?


Image credit : Pixabay – PublicDomainPicture


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day # 12 : Strength”

    1. i totally agree with you. met so many beautiful people but as long as you get to know their true self, it’s just make you sick and no longer feel they are pretty or attractive. Thanks for comments bethanyk


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