Psychology # 6 – Dissociation


Symptoms on me was not that obvious, I guess.  Whenever I heard or read stories from other survivors, they seem suffering from this in a much obvious way.


When people discuss / bring out their abusive history, they seem forget everything or deny what’s happening to them.  Or make it like….there’s no problem at all. this is how life suppose to be.


In my case, I’m kind of unattached to the chaos / trauma, numbed and learned not to attach to people / events.  It’s just too painful / hurtful!


I used to cry myself out for the whole night, depressed and wandering around the street with an empty heart and soul.  Just can’t figure out what’s going on and what’s wrong with me.


Very soon, I learned to “dissociate” from toxic environment or dysfunctional attribute, as this is how I survive.


How about you?


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