Quote of the day # 14 - Childhood

Quote of the day # 14 : Childhood

You can spend a lifetime trying to forget a few minutes of your childhood


Do you agree? Do you think many of your nowadays habits / preference / ways of thinking, etc. are actually originated from your childhood?



Image credit : Pixabay – Sebagee


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day # 14 : Childhood”

  1. Most of what i am trying to undo is from childhood….total side note….I am dyslexic( which I never realized until I started my blog and my husband edited it! and until tonight I thought your blog name was religious scapegoat and Ive tried to figure out what that means for the longest time!!!😂😂😂 rebellious makes much more sense!

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    1. haa…bethanyk, you are so funny and i can’t stop to laugh. you know what ? dyslexic is actually a gift, many famous and sucessfully people, e.g. richard brandson, jamie oliver they can’t read and write properly. they need other people to write for them to deliver their messages. Studies showed the way of people have dyslexic actually have brilliant talent in other aspects, e.g. 3D / animation thinking. you impressed me more now because you can manage your blog with this challenge. Great for you!


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