Psychology # 7 – Child Abuse


It made me sad whenever I heard news / stories about child abuse.  Every time this remind my sad childhood.   Also made me mad because I deeply understand how difficult it is and how long it takes to heal / survive after long-term abuse.


Dysfunctional / abusive family destroy everything : not only the bonding between child and parents, but also child’s ability to trust, which end up affect every aspects, such as self-worth, self-confidence, relationship with others in his / her lifetime.


And if he / she has his / her own family, the trauma and dysfunctional may bring to next generation.  The effect of child abuse is so tremendous and unpredictable.


Many people still misjudge / misunderstand how childhood trauma can affect individuals and people tend to blame the victims or simply ask them to forget it, move on etc. People don’t quite understand once the scars are there, even though it’s invisible but still tattooed on survivors’ souls / spirits FOREVER.


Hope more and more people  get educated about this topic and take it serious.


And you? are you aware the problem?


2 thoughts on “Psychology # 7 – Child Abuse”

  1. The fact is, most people don’t know how to handle the issue so they go for the simplistic option-forget it, get over it.

    Reality is, they don’t know what to do, or don’t want to get involved in such an embarrassing case.

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    1. Gretiana. totally agree what you said. One of the reasons I started this blog because I found many people just underestimated or refuse to see the truth. it took me years to handle all the damages and still working on it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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