Psychology # 8 – Emotional Incest



OK.  Many people understand what it means for Incest, but rarely acknowledge the emotional incest.


This term came to my knowledge years ago and it’s interesting to find there are actually many emotional incest stories happened in dysfunctional / toxic / abusive family.


Since the parents not able to parent their kids or taking responsibilities of their parental role, many of them rely on their kids emotionally.


This is a typical taboo to discuss about because our society claim this is LOVE.


It’s not, kids are kids, if any adult treat a child / teenager like their same-age fellows that can share everything, their emotions, problems etc. this is actually an abuse behavior.


We are pulling the kids’ from their not-yet developed world up to adult’s level.  This confuse and can bring lots of development issues, which end up will destroy a kid’s / teenager’s life.


Do you agree? How do you think on this topic?


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