Quote of the day # 16 : Dysfunctional Family

Quote of the day # 16 : Dysfunctional Family

The dysfunctional family needs one member to be the “identified problem”, so everyone else can look good by comparison.



Reason why I started this blog is not only for self-healing, but at the same time I would like to use my story to educate public.


Abusive family / Toxic parents etc. are still a big taboo in the society.  Not many people trust or would like to believe there are parents who are not supposed to be parents. Probably because of their own issues, mentally, psychological or the worst, some are psycho.


It hurts me a lot nowadays people don’t care much about childhood development and the huge effects it brings to individual lifetime.


When you look at a child, he / she is so naive and family is the first / only channel they learn love and the world.  There’s not enough social awareness and support in the society.


People care their own lives.  So what happened when the child back home and life behind the closed door?


Not too many people care, or even they note some problems, they choose not to step in or pretend nothing is wrong.  That’s sad, and that’s the trauma that starts.


Are you that one “identified problem”?  Or are you pay enough attention to child around, are they happy? if not, have you ever try to understand the story behind?




Image credit : Pixabay – Unsplash


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