Psychology # 13 : Bunny Boiling

Psychology # 13 – Bunny Boiling



This is a common defense mechanism, abusers pay lots of efforts to observe, destroy things that important to victims.


In such, they can manipulate victims – a strong message deliver that if targets don’t follow orders, they never can enjoy what they love and treasure.


When I was young, my abusive dad used to damage and destroy things that I care.  I was so sad, miserable and can’t figure out why parent would do this to their kids if they love them.


Nowadays, I know this is an act of manipulation and show off their power.


And you? have you experienced similar things?


4 thoughts on “Psychology # 13 – Bunny Boiling”

      1. you are just telling the truth. And that is brave. There is no shame in telling your story. If he didnt want to have his part of your story told then he wasnt doing the right things. If that makes sense! Dysfunctional people want you to keep their secrets. It is their shameful acts not yours.

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