Just Reached 50 FB Likes



People read this Blog might laugh at me for being so …… showoff?  How stupid I’m to claim for such a small number of fans, while there are many celebrity got their hundreds / thousands of fans. Ooops…


Nope! The truth is I tried to give up either this blog / FB Page several times, especially when there are only have few nos. of people hang around.  Also when I worked, my life just crazily busy and exhausted every day without any more energy to do other things.



Seriously…Wish I have more Time



I am not full time blogger or FB manager so need to squeeze time here and there in order to balance & manage everything.  I enjoy the sharing moments : sometimes when I read something good and worth to share, I will scream at my heart….OH, I got to share this publicly so in case someone read it….or may be this can empower him / her to have a nice day…so and so.


Because of trust issue and insecurity, I get used to stay alone though sometimes I feel lonely and hopeless.  This blog and FB platform helps me to stretch further from my comfort zone and learning to be more brave to open myself.  And there are times I asked myself, what if one day when I die, what did I do to contribute to this planet? I die my physical body will go but my words will be seen by others forever. It seems good, worth to live with purpose.



Writing & Sharing help Survivors to heal



During my healing journey, learned so much and gained courage to speak up for myself finally, this is a huge step forward for me since I kept all secrets and carried all emotional baggage for years.  I felt shame and guilty to complain or own my history.


Reason I started this blog and my FB page, not only find a channel to smooth my thoughts / emotions but also, I would like to join the abuse survivors’ force, to contribute my bits. Break the taboos and silence so hopefully can help others to heal at their own pace too.



Thank You to you ALL


Thanks for many of you always support and give me courage to keep on.


Please feel free to comment and share whenever you feel like, or you are very welcome to drop by my Facebook Page, I’m kind of more active, more posts to be shared over there, since I am not limited to the access of desktop like I use wordpress.


My handle at Facebook @RebelliousGoat (or name Rebellious Scapegoat).  Hope to see you there.


Have a lovely weekend!  Love!


Milestone - Rebellious Goat Page




One thought on “Just Reached 50 FB Likes”

  1. Dang Im jealous! I want 50 likes!!! I only have maybe 60 friends on fb though. I will visit your page. I am so glad you are spreading the word about breaking the silence!

    Liked by 1 person

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