How to Live Passionately

Afraid of Aging? Learn How to live passionately



Are you afraid of aging? I do. Though not as conscious as many other women, but I do and anxious when I find winkles, or other little signs of aging.


Since I’ve already lost many years dealing with abuse aftermath issues, plus years unlearn, re-learn skills for healing.  I consider myself kind of more conscious about the time I have left on earth.


Watch a short video, inspiring and made me feel a bit relax.






Final Thoughts


Hope one day when I reach her age, if lucky enough, I will have such a relief and wisdom like her.


I admire her wisdom, sense of humor especially her relaxed attitude.  It’s always easy said than done, how many of us can really take “aging” so humble?


How about you? How do you feel about aging? Are you afraid or you feel very comfortable to see winkles / gray hairs ?


Please share your comments below.





Photo credit :  Pixabay – Futurials


2 thoughts on “Afraid of Aging? Learn How to live passionately”

  1. I don’t mind – I don’t get sexually harassed, wolf-whistled, awful jealous women targeting me in the workplace or flirty bosses causing trouble, and my husband loves me with or without crinkles and actually my children seem to get more generous and attentive with each wrinkle and grey hair. I am Not encouraging more wrinkles or grey however. 🙂

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