Psychology # 15 : Scapegoating

Psychology # 15 – Scapegoating


It took me years to understand the term of “scapegoating”, the more I gain the knowledge, the more anger / frustration I got.


Wish I can understand this term when I was young, it can definitely save me lots of energy / time towards healing journey.


Hope less people will be trapped like me for so long.

12 thoughts on “Psychology # 15 – Scapegoating”

  1. Think of term in 3rd person – don’t think about it personally or for someone you love/hate – think about this term for a 3rd person to be able to get to it’s meaning.

    Dictionary definition : A scapegoat is a person or animal which takes on the sins of others, or is unfairly blamed for problems. The concept originally comes from Leviticus, in which a goat is designated to be “cast into the desert with the sins of the community”. Other ancient societies had similar practices. In psychology and sociology, the practice of selecting someone as a scapegoat has led to the concept of scapegoating.

    So really scapegoat is some one who e’scaped’ not the fall guy who gets sacrificed – don’t be confused 🙂

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  2. This is a very concise definition of a scapegoat. The person didn’t do anything wrong. Someone simply chose them to project all their guilt, shame and aggressions upon. In other words, they sacrificed that person especially if it’s a family member who’s doing the scapegoating. It’s a life-time label.

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      1. Scapegoating of a child is soul murder. I was my parents’ scapegoat, beginning at a very young age. It wasn’t until I discovered online blogs written by adult children of narcissists that I began to fully understand what had happened to me, and why. Ohhh… the RAGE I felt when my whole crazy life finally made sense!!

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      2. Linda, i totally understand how you feel and the rage you mentioned. same situation here, i didn’t know what happened until i explore more on the net and realized this is not my fault. reason why i started this platform and my facebook page is because i learned and gain so much from others over the years, i want to get involve to educate the public and join all survivors who suffer can stay strong and learn together.

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