Psychology # 17 : Toxic People

Psychology # 17 – Toxic People



Because of my insecure, I used to surround myself with toxic or people that do nothing good to me.


It happens commonly among abused survivors, we don’t know how to establish and nurture a healthy relationship.


Or many times because of our lack of confidence and low self-esteem issues, we tend to attract toxic people, who spot our weakness right away, which in turn drag our lives even further downward.


Today, though I am still struggling with relationship issues, but I am more alert to my surroundings.


How about you?  You attract the right people to your live or you just accept anyone step into your life?  Even though they are harm to you?


6 thoughts on “Psychology # 17 – Toxic People”

  1. Yesterday I tried to leave my parents home because they were arguing to the point I thought it might get physical. They wouldn’t let me leave until I promised to forgive them and not tell anyone about the episode. I did give in and alleviated their anxiety and guilt about the episode but today I told them I would nt go to their house ever again and now my dad is saying he was proud of me but now is disappointed in me. I am 51 years old divorced and Marjory underemployed. These episodes set me back. Hoping to have someone to talk to here about the life I managed to eek out in spite of severe ptsd from childhood and adult abuse as family scapegoat.

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    1. Louise, thanks for your sharings. I truly feel how frustrated you are especially when i read you are majority underemployed. we survivors jsut spent so much time and energy to figure things out and healing. but i think you are on the right track, many victims not yet feeling there are preoblems, as we know, we can’t fix or heal until we realize there are problems. it’s not easy to speak out and took me years to pile up the courage. i am sick of being alone, afraid of being judge and realized finally that the fastest way to heal is to admit my weakness. hope you find this blog help you or you can visit my facebook page, we surviors got to stay together to learn and empower each other. wish you all the best


  2. I have been in my current relationship for almost 8 years….married 7. It’s probably the most toxic relationship I have ever been in. I gave up a career to stay at home with our kids and gave up a life I had built for over 20 years to move to a small town that is smaller than the one I ran away from that I had grown up in. I feel helpless even though I know I am not helpless. But making changes means my kids having to sacrifice certain things and I truly believe that’s why I stay.

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    1. it’s easy to say just leave and move on. so i never judge people who can’t do this because there are many reasons behind. espeically the emotional attached. we thought…wow i have already spent so much time and effort in this relationship, how can i simply let go and this looks like i lost everything. that’s why it’s never easy for victims to leave. but do whatever is good for you and your kids PeggyB

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