Psychology # 18 : Emotional Abuse

Psychology # 18 : Emotional Abuse



It’s not a new term for many abused survivors, many of us still struggling with all hurtful flashbacks.


Used to be ….My days can be ruined completely when those bad memories / wordings / behaviors reached my mind.  My tears came down uncontrollably.  It hurts like hell.


Please share your comments and others so more people understand what’s it about emotional abuse.



One thought on “Psychology # 18 : Emotional Abuse”

  1. Flashbacks are the worst. I have them almost daily. Even though we are talking of calling it quits, even when he refuses to completely come and lies to my face, that does not hurt more at that time. You hurt more remembering the pain of two months ago. Those that dug deeper into making you feel little, those are the ones that hurt deeper.


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