Quote of the day # 33 : Betray

Quote of the day # 33 : Betray

The most damaging aspect of abuse is the trauma to our hearts and souls from being betrayed by people that we love and trust.

Betray is one of the most damaging thing to our soul / spirits.  We may never get heal completely once our heart was broken.


Photo credit : Pixabay – benscherjon


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day # 33 : Betray”

  1. That is exactly it for me. I could heal from the trauma’s when they occurred if my family drew around me much as if I’d been hit by a car. I needed just as much love and care. It wasn’t the bad and wrong touch, it was the secrecy and silence after. I had to contain it all where it festered and grew.

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  2. For myself it was the lingering self-doubt, a crisis of confidence in my ability to consider someone trustworthy again. A deep-seated sense of uncertainty in myself sabotaged my efforts going forward, as if it was my fault, like I should have known better. The truth is that the betrayal was a reflection of her and not of me, but it took me a while to figure that out.

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    1. MeAndDating, totally understand how you feel as i have similar reflection journey. Of course when we calm down we understand it’s not related to ourselves but their ownselves. but at that critical moment, we can’t control but disappointed, feeling betrayed. Thanks for your comments


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