Psychology # 26 - Denial

Psychology # 26 : Denial



Um…I would say this is very common around us.


The most common I found is when people refuse to be judged about their lovers / partners / husbands etc., they tend to deny the truth even though the symptoms / signs are obviously appear in front of them.


E.g. Wives will deny and make excuse for their husbands’ betray.


The stronger Ego we own, the higher chance we use this coping mechanism.  The more confident we are, the less likely we use this method, because when we reach that point, we have already strong enough mentally / psychologically to admit our mistakes / weakness, without blindfold the problems.


Many times we can’t solve the problem is because we refuse to see the problems.  Abuse is one of them.  People deny it happens so they never willing to handle it.


Do you use this defense mechanism very often?  How do you deal with failure or uncomfortable situation?


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