Psychology # 36 : Lost Child

Psychology # 36 : Lost Child



Umm….though I’m a scapegoat, but do find some of the characteristics from “Lost Child”.


I was so QUIET and always lock myself in room for days, dive into reading and own stuffs in order to escape from the dysfunction / chaos at home.


When I step into adulthood, I feel anxious and shy in front of strangers, afraid of conflict because I already sick with drama.


How about you? Do you have these symptoms too?



3 thoughts on “Psychology # 36 : Lost Child”

  1. I’m a lost child too.I was also always blamed for my shyness that it even increased more,I was literally mocked for being more comfortable in front of my family members than outsiders.This makes me also a scape goat too.My home was mostly like a battle groud and i always choose to be switzerland.The good part is that it made me embrace my creative side.I write,living In the world of my make believe characters for the moment.Then I delved into inspirational writings because I enjoy being philosophical and love studying human psychology.

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