Psychology # 3 – Co-Dependency

When you pay much attention on what type of person are surrounding narcissists, abusive / manipulative people, you will notice there actually many co-dependent personalities are involved in the relationships.

Narcissistic need narcissistic supply and people dependent on them, no matter it’s financial, emotional or spiritually.  This is kind of “demand and supply” theory.  Since co-dependent personalities not able to manage their decisions / life by themselves, probably due to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, this make them more attracted to manipulative people, who love to control.

Don’t you agree?

Psychology # 2 – Dysfunctional Family

In our culture, we were taught not to judge parents or families.

It’s a taboo or perceived as “disloyal” / “disgraceful”  if you talk bad behind families.  This make people who were abused in dysfunctional family feel afraid to share the dirty secrets because they know it’s difficult to find people to understand them.

And if those child grow up in dysfunctional family, since they don’t have enough exposure, guidelines or models,  they were actually brainwashed and thought this is what supposed a family meant to be.  They don’t have the knowledge / wisdom to clarify what is normal.

What do you think?

Psychology # 1 – Family Scapegoat

Are you the family scapegoat? or have you ever meet someone who experienced the same?

Most of the time, these children grew up in dysfunctional families don’t understand what happened to them, thought it’s normal and it supposed to be what family means.

They aware how sickness it was only until they strive to figure out the truth and heal from childhood trauma.