Quote 191 – – Signs You Grew Up With A Toxic Parent 5

Put your own emotional needs last – grew up with a verbally, physically abusive parent, or a manipulative one, your own emotional life will always come last in the hierarchy of household.

Psychology # 49 : Repression



We should pay attention of children’s dreams, since they are not mature enough to express their feelings / thoughts but through their descriptions of dreams, we will get some ideas about their fear / concerns and stories that never told us.


Or sometimes I encountered people who claim they are “Morale” while keep on throwing dirty jokes, this actually indicate their repressed sexual desire at certain level.  I came across this situation several times and they are all female.


We never can trust what someone say in surface, a slip of tongue may express more about their hidden desire / value.  Watch out!


What do you think?

Psychology # 43 : Dismissive – Avoidant



For many abuse survivors, the urge to have love / attention is so severe, since this is what they are lack of when they grew up in dysfunctional family.


This can lead to another cycle of trauma if we are not be careful of our relationship pattern.


From time to time I met people who jump from this to that relationship non-stop, they seem enjoy very much for the FAKE attention, but seldom see they are deeply connected to anyone.


At the end of the day, they are staring at the wall alone and die empty inside. It’s sad.


You know someone owns this attribute? How do you feel about their inner conflicts?

Quote 48 : Laugh




Are you laughing enough?


When I was depressed I didn’t realize my outer appearance, but today when I look around and find somebody looks sad, I feel sad too because I can resonate those sad memories at my own.


When days go well, I am more conscious to push myself smile more.  Sometimes I don’t smile is not because I’m unhappy, but simply get used to the same “COLD” face as this is how I protect myself from the environment.


How about you? Anything make you laugh or smile today?



Quote # 43 : Pain that changes you

There are 2 types of pain : pain that hurts you & pain that changes you.


Somehow, pain and struggles we went through make us stronger or change us completely in a positive way.


Don’t you agree?  Do you have any experience that your past eventually lead you to be a better self today?



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Quote of the day # 39 : Projection

What other people think of us usually has very little to do with who we are.

It’s a lot more to do with that person’s own prejudices, fears & projections.

– Beverly Engel


The more I educated myself, the more I understand there’s nothing to do with myself, it’s how abusers think about themselves.


What do you think? Please leave comments below.




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