Quote 91 – Narcissistic Family System 4

Family members may align with the narcissist.  These narcissist supporters can be the other parent, sibling or extended family.


Quote 89 – Narcissistic Family System 2

You’re scapegoated and labeled as self-centered for having your own wishes, interests, and face punishment if you pursue them.

Quote 115 – Signs of Narcissistic Parent 14

They have the golden child and the scapegoat child.

One child was seen as perfect and capable of doing no harm.

The other child was seen as the black sheep, and the cause of all issues.

Quote # 40 : Unsafe Home

A house where a child is unsafe is not a home


Child need to be nurtured and developed in an environment that is safe and healthy.


What do you do to make sure your environment is good for kids to explore and develop into a healthy human?


Photo credit : Pixabay – thedanw