Quote 176 -Types of Emotional Child Abuse 16

Inappropriate control – parents exercise overcontrol – which robs children of the opportunities for self-assertion and self-development.

Quote 116 – Signs of Narcissistic Parent 15

Reacted to any form of criticism in an extreme way.

Narcissistic parent would scream at you and likely physically hurt you through smacking or some other method.

Quote 143 – Scapegoating abuse

Scapegoating is a form of systemic abuse where a family member is blamed for problem and dysfunction while family system as a whole.

Quote # 42 : Poisonous family

Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as family.


Family is not always as warm as people think but it’s a taboo to discuss about.  Everything behind doors are secret.

Do you have a lovely family?


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Psychology # 12 – Toxic Parent


In general, people crown parents as a king / queen of the castle.  We are not comfortable to discuss / talk behind our parents because the logic of “there’s no bad parent” is already tattooed in our mind / spirit.


How dare we judge our parents?  They have already sacrificed so much for us? So many excuses to support their destructive / abusive behaviors, such as “they don’t mean to hurt you, or it’s just because they didn’t have a nice / caring parents so they never learned how to parent their own kids …. so and so….


I was trapped in these kinds of stereotypes for many years, guilt and shame filled me up because I was not suppose to hate or judge my parents. What’s wrong with me? No one is perfect in the world right?


I am an evil and not a good person, etc.  I was the one who need to be blamed because of my ungrateful / UN-forgiveness.


However, the more knowledge I gained, the more I understand abusive / toxic parents are related to serious personality disorder so impossible to fix.  Some people really not qualified as parents since they project their anger / frustration on their own kids.


They don’t know we all human have CHOICE, to treat or not treat others in certain ways.


Are you lucky enough to have good parents? Or not?







Quote of the day # 18 : Build up a Child

It’s easier to build up a child than repair an adult.

Chose your words wisely.


Do you agree it’s much difficult to heal an adult than nurturing a child properly?


I knew it because it took me years to reach this point but there still a long road ahead.



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Psychology # 10 – Child Sexual Abuse



This is an extremely huge / hidden taboos in society.  Seems many people understand what is it about…..but rarely feel uncomfortable to address, admit its existence.


I feel frustrated / annoyed and angry every time when I read news / stories about child sexual abuse cases.


Children are so naive and pure when they came to the world, unfortunately they met evils so their lives changed completely.  It’s a tragedy!


How do you think about this topic?  Please comment and share this post so we join hands to break the taboo, the more people educated in public and feel comfortable to address it, the more support and awareness we gain to protect next generation.