Quote of the day # 21 : The Lost Child

Dysfunctional family role :

The “lost” child fail through cracks almost disappearing, often described as quiet, shy, lonely and passive.



Sadly, the more this child get lost from the crowd, the less support can be received.  End up, it can bring even more damage to their life.



Are you one of them? or do you know someone is belong to this dysfunctional family role?




Image Credit : Pixabay – KokomoCole

Psychology # 10 – Child Sexual Abuse



This is an extremely huge / hidden taboos in society.  Seems many people understand what is it about…..but rarely feel uncomfortable to address, admit its existence.


I feel frustrated / annoyed and angry every time when I read news / stories about child sexual abuse cases.


Children are so naive and pure when they came to the world, unfortunately they met evils so their lives changed completely.  It’s a tragedy!


How do you think about this topic?  Please comment and share this post so we join hands to break the taboo, the more people educated in public and feel comfortable to address it, the more support and awareness we gain to protect next generation.