Quote of the day # 18 : Build up a Child

It’s easier to build up a child than repair an adult.

Chose your words wisely.


Do you agree it’s much difficult to heal an adult than nurturing a child properly?


I knew it because it took me years to reach this point but there still a long road ahead.



Image Credit : Pixabay – Unsplash

Psychology # 9 – Toxic Relationship


Stop letting people who do too little for you – control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions

– Will Smith



Many abused child who raised in dysfunctional / toxic family, like me, are not able to aware toxic family system.


This is what we get used to : chaos, abused, bullied, neglect, either physically or emotionally, even though when adults of abusive family survived and manage to stumble upon adulthood, but many of us still stuck at unhealthy mindset / behaviors.


Some of us acknowledge the challenge but don’t know how to get out from the crap; others may even don’t realize the effects on them, so when you don’t see the problem, you can never know the problem need to be fixed.


Many people don’t understand why victims keep on attracting or tolerate abusers / narcissists continuously into their lives.


Can’t explain all cases but according to my own experiences, I would say many of us are not conscious of our choices, it might because the loneliness or naive.


Many seem uncomfortable to hang around with people who are sweet, nice, kind or treat us well with respect, sadly this is not what we accustomed to when we were young, we are so afraid or subconsciously we don’t believe we deserve to be loved.


That’s why many professionals said it can easily take a whole life to heal simply few minutes or one incident of trauma.


Do you agree? Please share your comments or share this post to increase pubic awareness.