Quote 189 – Signs You Grew Up With A Toxic Parent 3

Lead to self-sabotage, destructive relationship behavior, neediness, or a variety of other attachment problems.


Quote 147 – Scapegoat’s relationship

Scapegoat can be attracted to people who repeatedly neglect, abuse or victimize them, which bolsters shame and self-blame.

Quote 201 : Parents in Dysfunctional Families 4


Toxic parents constantly force children to suppress their own feelings in order to appease their parents.

Psychology # 34 : Role Reversal




When I was young, thought it’s what every child suppose to do at home.


Since we were not allowed to have a healthy social life, kind of locked up in the dysfunctional family so I don’t know what’s normal.


This until the more I approach outsiders, the more I read and educate myself, I was noticed that my role is exchanged with toxic parents.


In personal experience, sure it will damage child’s basic needs and developmental journey.


From time to time, I depressed for all those years I lost and took me years to establish all the necessary skills to survive in the society.