Quote 130 – dysfunctional family scapegoat 9

The scapegoat is likely develop feelings of intense psychological distress, perform well below his / her best academically and later, encounter serious problems with social interaction.

Quote 143 – Scapegoating abuse

Scapegoating is a form of systemic abuse where a family member is blamed for problem and dysfunction while family system as a whole.

Quote of the day # 29 : Scapegoat Children

“Scapegoat” children grabs their swords, shields and do battle against things that are “wrong” in the families.


Hope you are not one of the “scapegoat” child in the dysfunctional family.  But if you are, then you are the warrior!


Photo credit : Pixabay – DesignerArun

Psychology # 15 – Scapegoating


It took me years to understand the term of “scapegoating”, the more I gain the knowledge, the more anger / frustration I got.


Wish I can understand this term when I was young, it can definitely save me lots of energy / time towards healing journey.


Hope less people will be trapped like me for so long.

Quote of the day # 20: Scapegoat – The truth teller

Scapegoat is the truth teller,

who complaining problems and confronts parent

on the dysfunctional family situation.


Anyone who following my blog should understand I’m a scapegoat in dysfunctional family.


Years ago, I can hardly understand what’s the meaning of terms e.g. narcissistic, scapegoat and dysfunctional etc.


I just feel something wrong but my knowledge base was not well enough to figure out chaos / struggles in my life.  Gladly I love to read / listen podcasts etc to put myself to unlearn and relearn many things.


Family / parents are always the taboos to discuss, people love to see shiny things or listen touching / lovely family stories.  Because people don’t feel comfortable to disclose so more dirty secrets are hidden.


Are you the truth teller? Are you suffering for being honest to yourself?  Please share your thoughts or this post so we help to raise public awareness.



Image credit : Pixabay – Foundry

Psychology # 7 – Child Abuse


It made me sad whenever I heard news / stories about child abuse.  Every time this remind my sad childhood.   Also made me mad because I deeply understand how difficult it is and how long it takes to heal / survive after long-term abuse.


Dysfunctional / abusive family destroy everything : not only the bonding between child and parents, but also child’s ability to trust, which end up affect every aspects, such as self-worth, self-confidence, relationship with others in his / her lifetime.


And if he / she has his / her own family, the trauma and dysfunctional may bring to next generation.  The effect of child abuse is so tremendous and unpredictable.


Many people still misjudge / misunderstand how childhood trauma can affect individuals and people tend to blame the victims or simply ask them to forget it, move on etc. People don’t quite understand once the scars are there, even though it’s invisible but still tattooed on survivors’ souls / spirits FOREVER.


Hope more and more people  get educated about this topic and take it serious.


And you? are you aware the problem?