Quote 48 : Laugh




Are you laughing enough?


When I was depressed I didn’t realize my outer appearance, but today when I look around and find somebody looks sad, I feel sad too because I can resonate those sad memories at my own.


When days go well, I am more conscious to push myself smile more.  Sometimes I don’t smile is not because I’m unhappy, but simply get used to the same “COLD” face as this is how I protect myself from the environment.


How about you? Anything make you laugh or smile today?



Quote of the day # 23 : Chose your people

You cannot change the people around you, but can change the people that you chose to be around.


How you chose the right people around you? Do you agree people around you will affect your every aspect of life tremendously?


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My Mission for this Blog



Bit scare and feel uncertain at the moment.

Found a lump on back for long, fear of finding the truth until now…well… kind of ready to confront my fear. Everyone afraid of terminal illness or die right? What if doctor diagnose me only have 3 / 6 months left?



What’s the purpose of my life? I’ve been stumble over years ….. when I start to live my life, then what? Time to end? I’m afraid so procrastinate to see doctor.

As an abuse survivor, many years was lost so I’m anxious to count my time left on earth from time to time. The more I realize stolen years the more I feel miserable / frustrated. But at the same time it push me to squeeze time to do the best I can nowadays.

Why I am here?


Reason I start this Blog and other social media platforms, because according to my personal experience, understand how difficulty / lonely / rough during healing journey.


Glad I love reading and surf around the net to find answers, over the years, many survivors share their stories openly and bravely so I am able to grab their insights / wisdom and courage bits by bits.

From the beginning refuse to admit my story, then acknowledged my situation, anger / frustration and hurtful memories bombarded me uncontrollably.

My Miserable Past


Remembered there were times I sat miserably at the park for nights, wandering around lonely for days, depressed and totally gave up myself. It’s sad and I don’t know how can I live through all those years. I was just completely lost, simply exist not alive.

There were moments I wanted to jump off the building, foolishly hope let public know about my story, I was screamed loudly in my heart, why me? why no justice? What happened and what’s wrong with me?


Recharged Life


Because of other survivors’ stories, I regain courage / energy to restore, refresh and reborn again.

Though I’m not yet finish my healing or should I say there’s still a long way to go, but at least, if comparing to a year ago, I’m a better person now (both emotionally and psychologically).

This is why I want to share my bits of perspective / findings so hopeful my story / mistakes can help some people who are struggling now. Just like how I survive and regain power from other survivors’ stories.


Don’t know what will happen for the medical examination, but I always have a thought of what can I do before I die, or left behind the society after.

Closing Up


I’m grateful to have this platform to share with like-mind people. I carry many emotional baggage / trauma fro past and feel necessary to educate public.

Hate to see people go through the same path like me, this is why I start this platform.
Healing journey is bumpy, but Stay Strong!

Top 10 rules for success


Feed your Mind # 2



Chris Guillebeau is one of the “celebrity” blogger I’ve been followed for years.


His ways of thinking and approach of life is very unique and unconventional, which makes him stand out from crowd easily, his perspectives do open my minds a lot and add wisdom to my mental library.


Reason why I resonate with him : not only because I love travel so enjoy very much about his travel stories, but also his value.  In addition, show me an “introvert” can also live their dream life according to our wish.


Society tend to praise extrovert more and assume that successful / happy person must be extrovert / outgoing.


His book “$100 start up” and new one “Born for this – how to find the work you meant to do” do inspire people how to live a fulfilling life, no matter our age, race, limitation or obstacles etc.


We all have our dreams but there always an “excuse” to hold us back, e.g. don’t have enough money to start our business, Chris put successful stories he interviewed in the book “$100 start up”, then many of us hate our jobs and drag ourselves to workplace everyday, Chris wrote another book we have the choice to do what we love / what we meant to be.


The only limitation is “ourselves”.


I love and enjoy seeing people who make an impact while stay humble, generous to others.





Wrapping Up


I have difficulties to find mentor in real life, guess it’s because my “introvert” attribution and anxiety / shy that stem from  abusive history.


Feel insecure if people get too close to me, but I am always hungry for knowledge and wisdom so found many people I admire to follow from the net.


How about you? do you have any mentors that inspire you? Please share and let me know so I can learn from them too.




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5 Signs You’re Dating A Toxic Person (BuckUp # 5)

Don’t let negative / toxic people rent space in your head.

Raise the rent & kick them out ! – Robert Tew

Another day to feed our mind and soul.

Mathew Hussey is quite well-known to many people, especially women who look for advice about relationships.  I thought his advice are not only good for intimate relationships, but also good for self-development, self-growth, enhance self-image / self confidence etc., since he usually focus more on fixing our inner problems, by doing more self-reflection and self-examination.

I believe if we want to understand and communicate well with men, it’s always important to listen men’s perspective, instead of reading / absorbing information from other women or so-called professionals we found from magazines (though I still enjoy reading these stuffs but deep down realize we can never get men codes, understand the truth behind if not listening to men directly).

Video source : Matthew Hussey

5 Signs You’re Dating A Toxic Person

Many people not realizing they are dating someone who actually damage their self-image / self-esteem or other aspects of lives.  We may tend to settle for less because it’s so scary to date anyone who is out of our league.  End up wasting lots of youth / time on someone who just drag us down to drains, with or without our notice.

One Mindset For a Successful Life

Why there are people who can reach their full potential, live their dream life? But other people who seem got stuck from time to time? What are the mindset and secrets behind? what are differences between these 2 groups of people?

Get The Guy In 9 Foolproof Steps

It’s not a video telling you tricks / techniques to win a guy, but more on individuals’ internal work.  See how many steps you finished, if yes, check them out and congratulate to you; if not, don’t be disappointed, it’s not too late to unlearn the bad habits, relearn the new and good ones.

The Real Secret to Keeping Your Man

Many people forget to nurture relationships once they settle.  I can understand why couples / lovers fell apart after years because either one of them continuing growing, relationships become boring, stale or take it for granted.

THIS Gets Him Addicted to You Forever…

Why there are people – the longer you spend time with, the more you attract to them? But other people as soon as you get to know them, you lost all motivation / desire / attraction?  I believe chemistry things only last for months so it’s acceptable to not addicted to anyone as much as the first time we met, but it doesn’t mean we can do nothing to strengthen / consolidate any relationships, to make it more refresh, excited and hopefully move to a next higher level.

The Compliment He’s Dying To Hear

Many times I was annoyed / irritated by conversations that overheard in public restaurants / areas.  Some people still think it’s their responsibility to fix their partners, to change / mode them into the one they thought they should be, thus so many nagging, complaints, yelling along the way.  In psychology, we have to do 5 good things to smooth damages that bring from 1 complaints / bad experience.

Closing thoughts

I’m always envy / amazed by happy-together couples / lovers, they seem so compatible to each other without any efforts, or understand all secret codes of healthy relationships.

Truth is relationships need to be learned since there’s no official lesson at school, or even worse, if we don’t have good models in family, it might affect our relationships with others tremendously.

So what your thoughts on these tips? Have you ever aware their existence? or you are one of them who made similar mistakes?

Photo credit : Pixabay – Stokpic