Psychology # 24 : Golden Child

Psychology # 24 : Golden Child (Hero)



In any dysfunctional family, if there’s a scapegoat, there will be a golden child.


When I was young, I was not understand / confused, how come my younger sister can do whatever she liked, go to school, enjoy after school activities without caring much about household or all the chaos in family.


Nobody will scold her for mistakes but I was the one who take all the blames.


It’s sad and miserable to grow up in such environment.  Not only affect my own well-being but it damaged sibling relationships seriously. Never have close sibling relationships as many times it reminds me those betrays / laughs / gossips.


How about you? Are you the golden child and how you feel about this privilege?


3 thoughts on “Psychology # 24 : Golden Child (Hero)”

  1. This post got me thinking. Why does one have to be a golden child or a scapegoat. Why do parents have to put their children in a category that they have to spend their lives overcoming and redefining!!!! It is so infuriating. I was the sick one. I got attention for being sick, as if I wanted or asked to be sick. So then my brother was then catered to and allowed to be able to still be able to ski with the man who abused me because heaven forbid my brother have to learn empathy or understanding of what happened to his sister. It is just all ridiculous. I’m sorry you went through it and had to deal with anything your parents inflicted.

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    1. same here, i am sorry for your past too. well, i used to think and rethink what happened to myself. what happened and why it’s so unfair. Today, the more i educated myself, the more i understand there’s nothing i can do as this is a common practice inside dysfunctional family. in healthy one, there’s no fixed role but in dysfunctional one, every child is assigned a fixed role and we are suppose to play this role for life. it’s sad though. thanks for your comment bethanyk


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